Colonsay Krakozyabra

Small island in Scotland. Its length is about 20km. Only 130 people share this beautiful island with seals, Golden Eagles, cows, sheep and native honeybee species.

What to do:

  • Call Archie and hire a bike(£7.50 pp per day). You can find his number in hostel or ask any native and he’ll show you where bike hire station located;
  • Also you can hire fishing rod or buy seafood from local fishermen and prepare it yourself;
  • Or try seafood in cafe (not so far from ferry pier) and buy local honey;
  • Visit Kiloran Bay for surfing or to relax – this is a very calm place;
  • Golf, if you like it, but you have to share it with careless sheep;
  • Island has a small brewery. You can find their beer in the shop;
  • Near ferry pier you can find gift shop with beautiful stuff from local masters. I bought square badge with owl. Maps of island with wildlife marks are inspirational.

How to get there:

  • Ferry from Oban (£6.90, about 2.30 hours);
  • Small airplane from Oban or Islay(£20-£65, about 30 min).

Useful tips:

  • Be careful on the narrow roads and always let any car/sheep/cow pass;
  • Colonsay has only one cafe, shop, post office and gift shop. Most places work from 10.00 to 17.00;
  • Hostel rooms have no keys – just be prepared;
  • Don’t scare the sheep – they are very shy and can fall down from the steep mountain!

Photos of Colonsay

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