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Eastbourne is a typical holiday resort, but it is worth visiting it because of Seven Sisters and one of the most famous suicide spots in Europe.

What to do:

  • Walk along the coast (to the west from the city) and enjoy view from the high white cliffs – Seven Sisters(in fact there are 8 hills).
  • Take a look at Belle Tout Lighthouse , which is located near Beachy Head cape (the tallest chalky hill in the UK).
  • Visit Beachy Head pub. On the sunny summer day it is a good place to have a rest (and a toilet). Design theme of the pub is “Post Stamps”, even chairs are in stamps.
  • Have a rest on a beach and go swimming (stone beach is 1 hour walking from Beachy Head). Reference point on the map – Birling Gap.

How to get there from London:

  • Train from London Victoria (return tickets from £30, 1.5 hours)
  • Bus from London Victoria coach station (return tickets from £10, 3 hours)

Useful tips:

  • You can find and taste different berries if you will step out from the main path (for example, wild strawberries).
  • One of the default wallpapers for the UK region in Windows 7 is taken in Eastbourne.
  • Prepare for a long walk: take food and drinks, wear comfortable shoes and clothes.
  • Don’t walk near the edge and don’t drink too much in the pub: around 20 people fall (or jump) off the cliffs every year. To avoid such accidents there are special spectators, but what if they will not come on time?

Photos from Eastbourne

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