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Hastings – typical seaside town with one irrefutable advantage… a park with bunnies.

What to do:

  • Walk along the seaside, eat seafood, feed the seagulls (no need to search for them – they will find you).
  • Reach the east side of the city and walk up the green East Hill. You’ll get reduce of 200 calories and a stunning view on the city and castle remainings. If you are not tired yet – it would be nice to continue your climb and go further, but stay near the seaside: there will be rabbit holes, actual rabbits and fields with unknown flowers.
  • After return to the city it is not difficult to find shopping streets: George st. and Swan terrace. You’ll see the mix of candy shops, second-hand book stores, antique shops (with various prices: from 30p for a saucer with poppies to fortune for a hussy). Once I entered one of the book stores, I walked with a firm tread to the shelf with stories for children and found 5 pounds on the floor near Winnie-the-Pooh book. So I had to buy the Alan Miln’s omnibus edition for 4.99.

How to get there:

Return train tickets are £25.

Useful tips:

  • After visiting number of seaside places (and Edinburgh), I strongly decided that hat/cap/kerchief is absolutely must to have there, because wind never abates.
  • Hastings, like any city worth worth its salt, has a museum, an art gallery and even a language school, but I would advise to dedicate a sunny day to the stroll with rabbits.

Photos from Hastings

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