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Lavenham – medieval village with fairy houses. Harry Potter “was born” in one of them. In 15th-16th centuries Lavenham was one of the richest cities in Britain because of the wool trade.

What to do:

  • Watch around: “concentration” of tablet, signboards, statuettes and other “beauties” is unbelievable.
  • Visit the Crooked House. There was a gallery inside some time ago, nowadays cafe with home-made baking occupied it. But still you’ll see lots of strange old stuff there. It is possible to ascend to the 1st floor (ask first). Owner of this place is a painter and you can buy her works if you’ll like something.
  • Walk near the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul. There is a corner with second hand books inside. You can choose what you like and leave payment for charity. This is the tallest rural church in Britain.
  • Look at the “Harry Potters home in Godric’s hollow”. In fact it is medieval De Vere House which provides accommodation services.
  • Go to the mini-art gallery, toy shop (1st floor is allocated for teddy bears selling), buy local post cards in the post office, take a break in a cafe.

How to get there:

  • There is no train station in Lavenham. Also I was not able to find any bus routes there. So you can find a tour or rent a car to get there.

Useful tips:

  • Farm market takes place in Lavenham every fourth Sunday of each month.
  • Lavenham is just a village (or maybe a very small town). Your stroll will hardly take longer than 3-4 hours (including coffee break).

Photos of Lavenham

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