Margate Seafront

Margate is a typical resort with art spirit and amazing white cliffs with sandy seafront

What to do:

  • Have a walk in the town, visit Turner Contemporary gallery (it is named in honour of painter William Turner, who visited this town frequently and painted its views).
  • Attend an underground Shell Grotto. Legend says that it’s been discovered accidentally by school pupils in 1835. Purpose of this construction is unknown and no one know when exactly it was built: it could happen at any time over last 3000 years. Adult ticket costs £3,5.
  • Margate Harbour Arm in the city centre concentrates a few small cafes (one of them had a marriage celebration with live music). It is nice to buy a jug of wine, relax, listen to the music and watch the city, which is spread before the eyes there.
  • Go to the sea-front, see the bay, clock tower and leave the city (go to the west along the beach). Why? To enjoy the most sandy and peaceful coast with white cliffs and caves. I can’t even say which place is nicer: here or near Eastborne rocks. There is a splendid lighthouse in Eastbourne, but there are caves in Margate.
  • The most spectacular cliff is definitely “the one with a hole” near Kingsgate Bay. It is impossible to come close to it during the high tide. But once the water is gone – the whole sea world reveals: sea shells with tenants, chalk stones with algae wigs, round cobblestones with tears “drilled” by sea water.
  • On the right hand side from this bay Kingsgate castle towers. It was constructed in 1760. Nowadays it is divided into 31 flats (3 bedroom one costs from £355 000).

How to get there:

Trains from London Victoria and St. Pancras International (return tickets from £32, at least 2 hours journey).

Useful tips:

  • Stroll along the white cliffs can take a whole day. Our experience: we’ve been collecting stones and shells from the sea, swimming in the sea, getting dry on the beach; so once we reached the Kingsgate Bay cliff – we decided to avoid returning back to Margate and to catch a train on another close station – Broadstairs.
  • If you visit the city on Sunday then arrive early, because after 5pm everything is closed!

Photos from Margate seafront

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