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Milton Keynes is a good example of the “new city”. It was conducted only in 1967 during the 3rd rebuilding wave. There is no “old town” centre, city is divided into the squares with particular purpose for each: business, shopping, leisure. No traffic lights, only round crossroads. All parking machines work using the sun batteries. Also they have the longest shopping centre in the world. Is it interesting for you to take a look at the city of the new era?

What to do:

  • Come at the tremendous shopping centre. Probably, all British produce companies have shops there. Everything in one place.
  • Visit Campbell park in the city centre: windmills can be seen from the top of the hill. Also you can try usual British children fun: roll down from the hill.
  • If you like computers, IT or you are a games geek – Bletchley Park is the place you must visit. The most famous cryptographic center was based here during the second world war and Alan Turing was working here. In the meantime, there are many recreated working machines and volunteer guides will be happy to tell their story and show how those devices operated. People, who don’t like technologies (like myself), can go to the room with old games and old toys mini-museum. You can visit main museum for £5, other mini-exhibitions are free of charge.
  • There is Willen lake with another park bot far from the city centre. You can hire a catamaran, boat or bike, feed swans.

How to get there:

Trains from London Euston (tickets from £14,50,  30 mins journey).

Useful tips:

  • Take a ball or frisbee with you – Campbell park is a great place for such kind of activities.
  • City was planned with grid pattern of distributor roads, all routes were taken under account and special ways for pedestrians and cyclists were built to avoid intersections with cars.
  • Buy a ticket and catch a bus! The most of the people have bikes or they walk to the office (not far, it is a small city), so public transport doesn’t have enough income.

Photos from Milton Keynes

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