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published January 3rd, 2016 by Irina Sideleva

Bath logo

It is worth going to Bath because of the thermal springs (the only ones on the island), sugary buns and long ceaseless buildings.



published April 28th, 2014 by Irina Sideleva

Edinburgh logo

Edinburgh is the Scotland capital and the most windy city in the UK.



published March 7th, 2014 by Irina Sideleva

Birmingham logo

Birmingham is the most populous British city outside London, but it is surprisingly “usual”. Major companies, universities and institutions are located here, maybe it is comfortable for living, but for tourist it is a city for one day visit.



published February 20th, 2014 by Irina Sideleva

Canterbury logo

The capital of the British chocolate.



published February 19th, 2014 by Irina Sideleva

Canterbury logo

Student city situated on the river Cam and managed by transsexual mayor. English humour fans will adore Footlights club because it is the place where their first appearances had such people as Hugh Laurie, Emma Thompson, Steven Fry, Richard Ayoade, Robert Webb and other British comedians.



published December 19th, 2013 by Irina Sideleva

liverpool krakozyabra

Large beautiful city for Beatles lovers and others. Great architecture, docks, plus Superlambananas make this city “must visit”.



published July 7th, 2013 by Irina Sideleva

Manchester Krakozyabra

Manchester is industrial center of England. City where subcultures shops, graffiti buildings and modern houses mixed with traditional architecture.